Montessori 0-4 Month Collection

Type: toys

Our first Heirloom Essentials set includes everything pictured: a set of 4 two-sided black-and-white cards, the bell rattle, the grasping beads, the rectangle teether, and the bead rattle. The black and white cards can be used from birth, while the rattles and teethers can be used as soon as baby can grasp (or a little earlier with the reflexive grasp). Introducing graspers and rattles to young babies helps them to understand that their movements can produce action--when their arm moves the rattle, it produces sound. This process encourages purposeful grasping and shaking in the young infant. Babies typically begin to grasp purposefully around the 2-3 month mark. The included rattles and teethers are made purposefully small and lightweight to be appropriate for very little hands. While babies can begin using them at this young age, they should continue to enjoy them months later.

THE BLACK AND WHITE CARDS: Black and white cards help to strengthen baby's vision. Babies are drawn to high contrast images and will spend a considerable amount of time focusing on them, which helps to stimulate the optic nerve. Display the cards about 10-inches from baby as this is the distance the cards will be most clear to baby. Our black and white cards are intended to be used from birth until babies can see red. This is believed to happen at around 2 months. At this point, the cards can be turned over and displayed to baby. Our cards are printed on 16 pt matte cardstock and are stiff. They can be used up until baby is grabbing and mouthing, as they are intended to be displayed, not mouthed.

THE BELL RATTLE: Our bell rattle is a safe alternative to many of the other Montessori 'bell rattles' on the market. It has a thin rod in the center which allows baby to easily grasp it. As his/her arms move, the rattle produces a gentle sound that helps him/her connect movement to sound. Both ends of the rattle produce sound. The bell rattle is made of cherry ends with a birch rod connecting the two.

THE GRASPING BEADS AND RECTANGLE TEETHER: The grasping beads and rectangle teether are small enough for baby to grasp from a young age and provide an opportunity for purposeful grasping. As baby ages, they can be mouthed and teethed on. The grasping beads are made of birch, while the rectangle is maple.

THE BEAD RATTLE: This rattle is easily grasped from both sides, but will make a unique sound as baby moves it back and forth. The bead will also spin on the rod, which can be interesting for baby. The bead is made of birch, while the ring is made of cherry.

Care instructions: NEVER submerge or rinse these toys in water. Doing so will raise the grain of the wood and roughen it. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean. Our toys are finished with a blend of flaxseed oil and beeswax which can wear off over time, however the toys can be re-oiled indefinitely.