Montessori 4-8 Month Collection

Type: toys
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Our signature infant collection is a set of 5 toys that are simple, beautiful, and created with your child's development in mind.  All of our products are handcrafted in America with natural materials that are 100% safe for growing babies.  Our line of eco-friendly baby toys are heirloom quality infant materials that are designed by hand.  

Included in this set is:

The ball cylinder

The bell cylinder

The interlocking discs

The ring rattle

The cube rattle

These Montessori materials promote fine motor and gross motor development and are very satisfying for babies. They are used from about 4 months onward, when babies begin to reach for and grab things. They are used for auditory and tactile stimulation for young infants. All these items are made with non-toxic materials and safe for teething babies. 

BELL CYLINDER: The bell cylinder is the perfect rattle for a baby who is beginning to grab and shake. The soft jingling sound is a delight to babies who are just beginning to learn that their movements produce results. Our bells are made in the USA by the only bell manufacturer in the nation.

INTERLOCKING DISCS: The interlocking discs have a dual purpose: crawling motivation and hand-to-hand transfer. Not only is this the perfect teether, but it will also coax a grasping baby into switching hands when holding it. As your baby ages, it is a wonderful toy to entice crawling because of the interesting rolling pattern it produces.

RING RATTLE: The ring rattle is a wonderful rattle for babies who are learning to grasp and shake. The center rod is the perfect size for little hands and they love to hear the sound it makes.

BELL CUBE: The bell cube provides a unique grasping experience and is easily grasped and shaken by the infant with just a few fingers. Babies love to grasp at the bell inside and hear the gentle sound as the cube is shaken.

BALL CYLINDER: The ball cylinder is a classic rolling toy designed to entice a baby just beginning to crawl to go after it. The colorful balls and the soft jingling sound when it rolls combine to create the perfect toy for babies who are ready to try crawling and scooting.

Our colored balls are dyed with food-safe dye in-house and sealed with a water-based sealant to prevent color leakage.

**Note: ball cylinders and bell cylinders are made with various wood tones as supply dictates: wood types include cherry (most common and pictured), maple, and oak.

You may notice very slight variances or imperfections in our products, as these toys are handmade. If you ever have any issues with your products, do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your products every time.

Our toys are all polished with a blend of beeswax and flaxseed oil. Over time with mouthing, this will wear off and may look splotchy as the saliva dries on the toys. It is easily fixed by re-oiling the toys.

Care: NEVER submerge or rinse these toys in water. Doing so will raise the grain of the wood and roughen it. It will also remove the water-based sealant on the colored balls, causing the color to leak. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean.