Hammer Peg Toy

The hammer peg toy is a traditional wooden toy that has been made and loved for generations. Our version is made of solid walnut and maple, with a sturdy wooden hammer that is also made of walnut and maple. This toy is well loved by toddlers, who enjoy the repetition of hammering the pegs down, then turning the toy over to hammer them down again. The act of repeating this exercise is wonderful for hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Six walnut pegs fit nicely into the base and can be hammered again and again without breaking.

This toy is perfect for babes 12 months +

Base: 8.5 in L X 4.25 in W X 5.5 in H
Hammer: 6.25 inches long, 1.75-inch Diameter
Pegs: .75 in D and 3 in long

All of our products are finished with a beeswax and flaxseed oil finish, which is totally non-toxic.

Our toys are made to last! We offer a lifetime warranty on our products!

+Please keep in mind that forceful hammering will produce dents in the wood. This is to be expected and shows that the toy has been loved :) Please contact us for tips on refinishing if desired.