About Us

We provide American made, heirloom quality toys that are specifically focused on the development of the child.  Taking our inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, we strive to create toys that are tools to develop a child's innate abilities without overwhelming him/her with flashy toys that distract from the purpose for which they were originally intended.  Our products isolate particular skills in order to help your child develop concentration.  

We are proud to provide a collection of toys that will serve the needs of your child without flooding your house with toys.  Children thrive in an environment with less, so we stick to the essentials.  We provide exactly what your child needs at just the right time so that you aren't overwhelmed with the many options.  

We know how important it is to you to provide your child not only with developmentally appropriate materials, but with SAFE, NON-TOXIC materials.   You can be sure that everything we make is safe for your teething baby.