Circle Nesting Stacker

Type: toys
Made of solid cherry wood, our vertical stacking toys are reminiscent of stacking cups and dowel stackers. These stackers provide practice with

*size discrimination,
*shape discrimination,
*fine motor skills, and much more.

Our design is meant to be introduced as young as 9 months and used up until age 2. If you are using with a young baby, start by introducing the top two pieces of the circle stacker, then add the other pieces as your child gains mastery.

This stacker can be nested or turned over and stacked like a tower. They also make great building blocks for open-ended play.

Finished with a beeswax and flaxseed oil blend.

The largest shapes are approximately 4 inches and range to approximately 1.75 inches for the smallest pieces. All shapes are large enough NOT to present a choking hazard.