Four Double-Sided Infant Black and White Cards

This listing is for four physical double-sided black and white cards.  The front side has an image with only black and white.  The back image is black, white, and red, for when babies are beginning to develop the ability to discriminate color.  Black and white cards help to strengthen baby's vision.  Babies are drawn to high contrast images and will spend a considerable amount of time focusing on them, which helps to stimulate the optic nerve. Display the cards about 10-inches from baby as this is the distance the cards will be most clear to baby. The front side of the black and white cards are intended to be used from birth until babies can discriminate the color red.  This is believed to happen at around 2 months.  At this point, the cards can be turned over and displayed to baby.  Our cards are printed on 16 pt matte cardstock and are stiff.  They measure 6.25 inches square.  They can be used up until baby is grabbing and mouthing, as they are intended to be displayed, not mouthed.