Montessori Size Discrimination Peg Toy

This peg toy is the perfect toy to use after your child has progressed beyond our palmar block and 3 peg block, around 12-24 months +. It allows your child to practice the skill of size discrimination. Hole sizes progress from 1.25" to .75" allowing your child to determine where each sized cylinder fits on the board. Cylinders are made of 3 different kinds of wood: maple, cherry, and walnut. The varying wood tones and heights are constant for each diameter. This further emphasizes to the child which cylinders belong in the same row. Children love to practice this work, and the challenge is wonderful for helping to increase a toddler's concentration.

The base of the peg toy is made of cherry and is approximately 5.5" x 5.5." Maple cylinders are 5 inches tall, cherry cylinders are 4 inches, and walnut cylinders are 3 inches. Each piece is finished with a blend of beeswax and flaxseed oil.

This toy is great for building>>
+Hand-eye coordination
+Size discrimination