Wooden Alphabet (Loose)


The lowercase alphabet in a cotton bag!  Our wooden letters are made of solid cherry wood and finished only with organic flaxseed oil.  They are 3/4 of an inch thick and approximately 2.5 inches tall, although sizes vary per letter.  These letters will also fit our personalized name puzzles and alphabet puzzles.  The letters 'p,' 'q,' 'd,' and 'b' are the same shape and only the configuration changes the letter.

To spell words with the same letter repeated, purchase our add-on expansion pack! The pack comes with one additional letter of the 10 most commonly used letters in the alphabet (e, a, r, i, o, t, n, s, l, and c).  You may also purchase single letters individually right here-just select the letters you want and click add to cart! To purchase the full bag + additional individual letters, simply add the two to your cart individually.

Please note some letters may be small enough to fit in the mouth, such as 'r' or 's.' Ensure supervision for children under 3.