Set of 4 Single Shape Puzzles

Type: toys
This is the perfect first puzzle set for baby. Start as early as 9 months introducing one puzzle at a time (the circle is easiest for baby). As he/she gains dexterity and the ability to discriminate between shapes, introduce multiple puzzles at once and let him/her discover which shapes fit into which holes. These puzzles are made of maple and cherry woods. The knobs are added with nontoxic glue. The wood is finished with a beeswax/flaxseed oil blend. Always check to make sure the knob is secure before offering to prevent choking hazards.
Dimensions of each:
4.5"L X 4.5"W

Based on availability, you will either receive a cherry or a maple base. Most of the time, we use a cherry base. However, you will always receive a product that has both kinds of wood for contrast. You will also always receive a full set with the same wood used as the base.